A man of simple loves and godly triumphs over death.


A human cleric.
In his younger days he sported robes of Lilac and varying purples and golds. He wore his brown, curly hair cut short except for the sides which he let grow down on either side in front of the ears and tied off at the bottom. He was of average height and build.

He had bright eyes and a kind smile. He was charitable and silver tongued. His skills were in healing and preserving living things, though he had been known to fiercely defend those who were downtrodden.

In his later years his hair has faded, though h still keeps the sides long. He eyes are still bright, but a heaviness lies within them. He walks on his own, though it is not fast or far, and he often spends his hours quietly sitting in his garden.


His father was a farmer, and his mother was a traveler who stayed long enough to have him and was off on the road again. His half brother, Andur, shared the same mother. They met when Frynn was 14 and became fast friends. Eventually, they formed the basis of the Bluefield Company.

Frynn never displayed himself as much for violence. He was always gifted with living things. Plants and animals seemed to flourish around him, and he found his faith around his 17th year and began studying healing magics.

At the age of 20, he began traveling with his half bother Andur along with an acquaintance they had met together in a bar named Thornton. Frynn learned how to treat bruises, cuts, and more fatal wounds as he traveled with his companions, their ability to find trouble something he was always bewildered by.

By 25, he, Andur, Thronton, and 3 other party members (Anastasia, Genivieve, and Chedebor) had vanquished the creatures living in what eventually became Bluefield Keep. Once established, Frynn began splitting his time between travel and helping the surrounding towns with troubles they had with their farms and sicknesses.

Between 25 and 35, little is known of Frynn of the Bluefield Company, however, the world knows of their exploits in the Dragon’s Lair and the subsequent influx of treasure into the region.

Frynn, with his cut of the masses of gold and jewels, has been charitably serving the surrounding regions, establishing guards and road patrols and infrastructure between the towns, and offering guidance to the mayors of each. Although it is not a monarchy, the towns heed his advice most often do what he asks of them.

Around 10ne he adopted two children.

His skill as a healer is said to have been the cause of his unusually long life. In 50ne, Frynn has reached the ripe old age of 95years old. Although not nearly as spry as he once was, he is still active, although much of this activity is held within the keep. He is most often found wandering through his garden behind his small chapel, the original chapel built 70 years ago when they took over Buefield Keep.


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